Hello and Welcome to the Official University of Edinburgh CompSoc About Page!

We are The University of Edinburgh Computing Society and Artificial Intelligence Society, also more well known as CompSoc.

CompSoc is a student run, gigantic cooking pot of geeky people who have a healthy (yet more likely unhealthy) interest in Computing and Information technologies. This does not mean that the society is only interested in the technologies, theories and practice of Computing or how Cloud computing is just a marketing tool for a technology that’s existed a lot longer. CompSoc is also concerned with the impact of computing and information technologies to the general public as a whole.

The society encourages and provides support to those who want to collaborate with peers and staff to realise their extracurricular projects and papers. These individuals and groups become SIGs (Special Interest Group). Even inside of The University of Edinburgh’s informatics curriculum we try to provide support to students (especially those in first year) in line with their semester studies with special workshops provided by peers in CompSoc. For example: Last year we ran a midnight Haskell session from 12-4 in the morning to get ready for an exam the next morning, and attendees felt that they did much better because of it.

We also run a Student Tech Meet Up (STMU) monthly to invite industry experts, academia from the University Informatics Department, committee members, society members and many others to give talks on how/what/why they do. There’s also free pizza and fizzy drinks at these events. Always. Many topics are allowed as topics of talks and can widely differ from the norm as well. For example, we have had presentations from companies like ARM, Bloomberg, Google, Microsoft and many more. In 2016, we had ARM come to show off (then beta) mbed OS as well as two students talk about how they set up their own ticketing company at university.

It isn’t all talks, keyboards and screens however. We regularly run socials, sometimes running events with our friends in GameDevSoc, Hoppers, GameSoc and even our eternal rivals - MathSoc. Not to forget: that we have other special events lined up that one shouldn’t miss as these may form integral parts of your university memories!

So in summary:

  1. Meeting place for like-minded individuals with vastly different skill sets and opinions to make friends with
  2. Support for to those who want to take part in extracurricular activities. (SIGs)
  3. Workshops and Informal Lectures for first years in need of extra help especially outside normal hours provided
  4. Student Tech Meet Up to meet up with those in industry and from our University’s brilliant department to learn some cool stuff or look for career opportunities
  5. Hackathons to test your mettle against your peers for glory (people have wrangled jobs from this, and some even created their own start-ups!)
  6. Socials on a regular basis
  7. Special co-op events with our friends in Hoppers, GameSoc and Napier’s CompSoc
  8. Other awesome events planned along the year.

If you think you need technical/programming/informatics/blah skills to enjoy CompSoc you are wrong! We are open to anyone and everyone in the University of Edinburgh (even outwith!) so don’t be afraid to pop in and say hi!

-Your CompSoc Committee 2016-2017