Minutes of Meeting on 22/03/2016

This week’s meeting covers the committee handover.


Craig Ross, Andreea Cucu, Lisa Xie, Simon Vahr, Vesko Stefanov, Martynas Grigonis, Erin Nolan, Viktorija Lukosiute, Benedetta Mussati, Susanne Koster, William Mathewson, Aw Young Qingzhou, Michael Ahari (not committee)


  • Clarify people’s roles
    • Old committee explained their roles to new committee.
  • Account handover (Drive)
    • Email history retained
    • Andreea needs access to hers for a little while longer to wrap up HTB
  • Money handover (Martynas)
    • Have to go to Santander in Morningside
  • New Years
    • We will be putting on a tab
  • Dutch people
    • 15th - 23rd April
    • From University of Groningen
  • Sponsorship tiers
    • Need to be reformed, more clear
    • Ask for more money
    • Small perk to returning sponsors
    • Lowest tier only for local / startups
  • Communication
    • Use a CompSoc page, not a chat for most things
  • CompSoc cupboard and administrative thing
    • Society Address: Informatics Forum 10 Crichton Street EH8 9AB Edinburgh
    • Spring clean of the cupboard
    • New website SIG - PASSED 6-0
  • Contact details of important people
    • Margaret Acton
    • Suzanne Perry
    • Bjorn Franke
  • How to assign email responsibilities
    • Some way of dividing the stuff
  • EGM - September
    • Election of 1st and 4th year rep
    • Amendment to allow for debit cards
    • Only two speakers