Minutes of Meeting on 26/09/2016

This week’s meeting was attended by two members not in the committee.


Viktorija Lukosiute, Aw Young Qingzhou, Joshua Green, Benedetta Mussati, Susanne Koster, Andreea Cucu (not committee), Lisa Xie (not committee)


  • Weekly (depending on the need) committee meetings on Wednesdays, 6pm-7pm, confirm with the rest
  • Bringing back CompSoc socials every two weeks or so after the meeting, most probably at Southsider
  • Lisa and Andreea signed the bank documents, transferring accounts to Vik and Martin (in-progress), need to remove Harjyot as well.
  • Reviewed security based SIG proposal, need a voting (online?)
  • Make hoodies (3rd year is the charm!) with custom user text possible.
  • Ordering membership cards and t-shirts is a priority, send proposal asap
  • Mailing list and newsletter needs to be discussed with Simon
  • Mini Hacks, getting back at JPMorgan needs to be discussed with Erin


  • Amazon confirmed for STMU
  • Get back to Bloomberg to confirm details for STMU, CodeCon, t-shirts/cards etc.
  • Get in touch with KING for their event (URGENT)
  • MLH event needs a venue, maybe Dining Hall?
  • ARM hackathon happening(?) around January, Kings Buildings need to get all info
    • Erin, they would pay for January STMU pizza, including sponsors?
  • Christmas dinner, fancy one, how many people would be interested
    • Look into something fancy but not too expensive