Minutes of Meeting on 26/10/2016

Minutes for the second meeting of Semester 1, 2016-17.


Viktorija Lukosiute, Erin Pigeon, Qais Patankar, Aw Qingzhuo, Martynas Grigonis, Josh Green


  • GitHub
    • They may be lenient about us using Octocat
    • GH is running an experiment - tech community training people to get GH to help our community
      • Suggestions needed for pretty things to say
      • What happens if there are disagreements? Are these documented? Erin will check the constitution
      • 2nd semester - give us octocat stickers!
  • Fresher’s input. Hoodie design competition? Must be safe for work. Back of the hoodies, quirky.. geeky?
    • Post on Facebook or send to our email
    • Can we do something to get people hyped?
    • Winner gets a free hoodie!


  • Get HackSig people (deadline: November 19th)
  • Microsoft: room booked from 6 to 9pm, 3rd November
  • STMU - Aw:
    • Sumdog & King have been spoken to
    • Microsoft is in touch
  • Google Hash Code is on 23rd February 2017
    • ILW is Feb 20-24
    • We are not registered yet! First waiting for a response from Hoppers
  • What about the Smart Data Hack?
  • Wednesday engineer’s fair - ReactJS from 1 till half 3 - with Lunch!
  • Christmas 🎄
    • Christmas dinner / Ceilidh: too expensive
    • Secret santa?
    • Informatics ball? -> InfBall (2nd semester, “not a compulsory black tie ball”)
    • Pub crawl? -> Christmas music with christmassy snacks (how would this work in a crawl?)
    • Christmas quiz? -> Teviot. Microphones need to be sorted out.