Minutes of Meeting on 09/11/2016

Minutes for the third meeting of Semester 1, 2016-17.


Viktorija Lukosiute, Susanne Koster, Qais Patankar, Joshua Green, Aw Qingzhao, Martynas Grigonis, Raymond (not committee)


  • Hoodies: first years
    • Need to get submissions in!
    • This needs to be done by 2nd semester
  • Invoices sent to..?
    • Bloomberg (done!)
    • JPMorgan for pizza (done!)
    • Martynas needs to message MLH Tim
  • Sponsors need to go up on the website
  • Napier want to do more joint events
  • Reimbursements
  • Strongarm A/T to get us a room


  • Snow is falling… 🎄 Prize ideas?
  • STMU is next Wednesday (16th)
    • Event needs to be created
    • Jammy needs to be contacted
    • King is not responding.
    • Sumdog is on board.
  • Microsoft event next week?
  • Hackathon Hackers EU dinner - 28th November
  • GitHub workshop w/ Hoppers - 29th November
  • HTB: Where’s Erin?
  • Help needed to move Bloomberg boxes (t-shirts etc.) from Informatics Forum to Forrest Hill
  • January STMU: Need to confirm with ARM
  • Christmas Quiz: Perhaps get SIGs to do extra stuff?