Minutes of Meeting on 23/11/2016

Minutes for the last meeting of 2016.


Joshua Green, Viktorija Lukosiute, Qais Patankar, Martynas Grigonis, Benedetta Mussati, Susanne Koster, Aw Young Qingzhuo


  • Website
    • Get it done especially sponsors, images and details are in the drive
    • Add Viktorija to the GitHub org + Qingzhou
  • Jan STMU
    • ARM is still ok
    • Jammy/Brocade are doing stuff
  • Christmas Quiz ๐ŸŽ„
    • More questions
    • Yay mic and technician
    • SIGINT themed round
    • Need 40 people at least for bar
      • Maybe have a tab?
    • Prizes
      • Main prize?
      • Maybe other prizes??
    • How fast is the ISS?
      • Apparently itโ€™s km/s not km/h, thanks Susanne.
  • Sponsors
    • Waiting for Amazon
    • Everyone else seems to have paid
  • Money is ok
  • ceilingcat
    • Possibly making it our mascot
    • Paper craft branding?
  • Erin & HackSIG: Too busy being missing
  • Salads: Benedetta is sharing her salad recipe
  • HackTheBurgh
    • Maybe Viktorija takes the lead
    • Need to recruit some people: 2nd years from last year
    • Talk to Blackrock and/or IF for hosting
  • Merchandise: sell T-Shirts and stuff