Minutes of Meeting on 18/01/2017

This week’s meeting covers the end of year party, Hack the Burgh, and other events.


Joshua Green, Benedetta Mussati, Viktorija Lukosuite, Qais Patankar, Martynas Grigonis, Nicholas Lynch, Susanne Koster


  • Charity website is broken: providing help
  • Invoice ARM, GitHub
  • End of year party
    • Reminder in feb
    • Venue: loft bar, teviot
    • Think of a theme
  • March 15th. AGM.
  • Dutch
    • Coding competition
    • Pub
  • Communications & Outreach Manager: meeting on friday
  • Socials: Escape Room?
  • Hack the Burgh
    • Support from Informatics?
    • Informatics Forum may host HTB
    • IF servitors are expensive… during the day on the weekend