Minutes of Meeting on 31/01/2017

This week’s meeting covers the HackSIG situation, hoodie things, and website discussion.


Susanne Koster, Simon Vahr, Viktorija Lukosuite, Joshua Green, Aw Young Qingzhuo


  • Termination of the HackSec
  • Hoodies are happening:
    • invoice ready, not ordered yet
    • jet black / fire red
  • Kaitlyn is now with Amazon. She’s technically a recruiter, but could help us find a contact.
  • End of year party
    • Apparently dissertation is due april 6 (fourth year)
    • SDP (third year)
      • Friday April 7th - Final day
      • Wednesday April 19th - submit technical report (no biggie)
    • Teviot
      • check available dates for the loft bar, > 40 people
      • Ask about music and microphones
      • Pre-arrange a tab
  • SigINT: succession details. Trying to find a new person.
  • 68 Dutch students: responsibility of next committee
  • Club Penguin is shutting down
  • Spread the word for bowling