Minutes of Meeting on 01/03/2017

This week’s meeting covers the future of CompSoc.


Joshua Green, Viktorija Lukosuite, Qais Patankar, Susanne Koster, Aw Young Qingzhuo

General Agenda

  • 68 people coming from the Netherlands
  • AGM is on the 15th March, event is going up tomorrow
  • End of year party is on the 4th April
    • SDP is over on the 8th of April
  • Annual report is in progress
  • Hack the Burgh is going okay
  • Committee handover bowling sesh
  • Picnic in a few weeks time
  • And a picnic a few weeks after freshers week
  • Games night
    • requires a lot of hardware
    • Stored safely overnight, and actually stay at the event
    • Threat of hardware getting damaged or lost

Future of CompSoc

  • Being a member of CompSoc, what benefits do you get?
  • How many events are paid?
  • There’s no sense of community
  • STMUs: pizza, and sponsors present themselves, as well as other talks
  • We have a group split
    • Drinkers and non-drinkers
    • We need to cater for both, but appear to just cater for non drinkers
  • MathSoc
    • has a lot of socials, most go to drinking, some go to talks
    • Liaise with them to not clash events
    • Has “sub-committees”, board has managers for “socials”, etc.
    • Social manager has their own team that handles small stuff
  • Constitutional change
    • for SIGs?
    • You must be in the same year as the year rep you are running for.
  • HackSec should be appointed, not elected.
    • We can’t have a complete newbie running things, Hack the Burgh is a valuable asset.
    • It requires dedication, we can’t have people dropping out.
  • STMUs are Vice President events, not SocialSec’s
  • Freshers: are very keen, and need to be shown the ropes
  • The circle is shrinking, we need to improve the community
  • We need to be closer with Informatics, School of Maths shows up to MathSoc events
  • Emails
    • we can get them sent to all the informatics, but we don’t want to spam. NH is okay with this.
    • School of Maths has weekly newsletters, which include “MathSoc is doing…”
    • Informatics has weekly blog emails, if we can get them to change it to a weekly newsletter, containing the blog update, compsoc, and general events
  • As a tech society, we don’t have a lot of tech
    • Designated projects people can work on as a society
    • WebSIG needs to be expanded and have their own projects