Minutes of Meeting on 29/03/2017

This week’s meeting covers the handover from the 2016/17 committee to the 2017/18 committee.


Qais Patankar, Angus Shaw, Elena Lapinskaitė, Simon Vahr, Viktorija Lukošiūtė, Aw Young Qingzhuo, Joshua Green, Harry Reeder, Craig Snowden

Committee Handover

  • Introductions
  • Explanations of old committee roles (President, Vice-President, Secretary) to new committee
  • Should members get two votes if they have both a CompSoc and EUSA position?
  • Should Informatics year reps get votes, considering they outnumber the committee?
  • Important contacts:
    • Suzanne Perry
    • Neil Heatley
    • Heather Walker: closer to Hoppers
    • Hack the Burgh contacts: updated in April
  • Transfer of mailing, finance accounts etc
  • Clarification of HackSec duties and discussion of future candidate suitability
  • TechSecs to bring each other up to speed in their own time


  • Catering for/entertaining the ≈80 Dutch students
    • Last time we took them to Arthur’s Seat then the pub
    • Collaboration with other societies within/outside the university


  • Tech companies in Edinburgh and potential for sponsorship/talks
  • STMU talks
    • Need to be informative, not recruitment pitches
    • Companies typically secretive about content
    • Suggestion for greater variety
    • October/November is sponsor season
    • Important to enforce time limit
    • Essential for pizza, which is a key part of STMUs
  • What is being a CompSoc member worth, and why should people sponsor us?
    • Ability to run or vote for committee positions
    • £4 is relatively insignificant. Could it just be free?
    • MathSoc charge for events - society cards give discounts on entry and drinks
  • Socials
    • Both drinking & non-drinking recommended
      • Evening of Games
      • Easier in Appleton Tower. Forrest Hill has just classrooms, Appleton Tower has open areas.
      • Plenty of walls to project to
  • How to draw in non-Informatics students
    • Everything is advertised publicly yet there is little engagement with non-Informatics students
    • Posters - perhaps useful
    • Potentially using entire Informatics mailing list for some emails - careful not to spam too much though
  • CompSoc Facebook presence
    • Should the group be made public?
      • Make the group modded/have each post need admin approval? Will this discourage discussion?
    • Different uses of page and group (some are more professional, others more communal)
    • Making CompSoc Offers more visible: shoutouts (STMUs), put at the bottom of newsletter