The October EGM

Published 04 Oct 2017

Our first STMU (student tech meetup) is also an EGM (extraordinary general meeting), and it is in two weeks time: 18th October.

We’ll be electing the freshers rep (first year), the 3rd year rep, and the final year rep (4th/5th year).

The year rep is responsible for communicating to and promoting the society to students in their year.

This means: shoutouts in lectures, outreach both in and outside Informatics, and coordinating coursework nights (with pizza).

If you are interested in running for election, please send [email protected] an email with your student number and a manifesto (a few sentences about why you are suitable for the role).

Here’s how this election will be run:

  • Votes are cast by the raising of hands, unless any member requests otherwise, in which case votes are cast by secret ballot.
  • You must be a paying member to run for election, or to vote at the EGM.
  • There will be an option to re-open nominations, presented as an additional candidate, “Ron”.
  • Members running for election have up to 2 minutes to present their speech.

Please submit your manifesto as we’ll be publishing these on the 16th of October, and it’ll increase your chance of being elected. You may also run for election at the EGM even if you do not email us, so the aforementioned deadline is not a hard deadline.

We’ll also be voting on some constitutional changes, you can find these changes here.

CompSoc <3s You!