Local Hack Day 2018

Published 01 Dec 2018

Local Hack Day 2018 On the first day of December, CompSoc hosted the annual Local Hack Day.

Despite the imminent exams breathing down their necks, over 20 passionate hackers dedicated their day to come into AT and create something exciting and new.

The team “It’s Easy!” tackled the website redesign challenge, adding a little twist – using the provided Azure credits, they implemented facial recognition for members of their concept site! They make it look so… well, easy!

Team It's Easy

Team “Wuwin” took their shot at reinventing the wheel. Just not the one you’re thinking of… To be more precise, a ring… They’re bringing the classic drinking game Ring of Fire to the web!

Team Wuwin

Team “v.0.5” were building a game involving helicopters, paratroopers, and whatnot.

v0.0.5 Team

Cody worked on Monad for the digital era (Not the same Monads you learnt about in Functional Programming)! It’s essentially some sort of card game… And yes, that mouse is from a while ago.


Dylan has taken up the Sisyphean task of developing a game with Haskell and ncurses. Press F to pay respects.


Team “ChachaVidhayak” developed AlcoMender, which picks an alcoholic beverage for you based on your mood that it detects through a picture! An interesting use of Machine Learning!

Team ChachaVidhayak

Finally, after going through countless bags of crisps, litres of Irn Bru and a dozen pizzas, the winners of our Local Hack Day challenges emerged:

Best Overall Hack

Best Overall Hack

Team ChachaVidhayak

Best (and only :P) Website Redesign

Best Website Redesign

Team It’s Easy