EGM 2019

Published 06 Oct 2019

CompSoc will be electing new positions in the next EGM (6PM 16th October 2019 at AT LT1). The positions available are as follows:

  • 1st Year Representative:
    • Responsible for communication between the Inf1 cohort and the society, and promotes events to the year.
    • General involvement with organising society events. One may also choose to get involved with any sub-committees such as InfBall, Hack the Burgh, and more.
  • Graphic Designer (TBC by the constitutional amendment):
    • Responsible for any graphic designs required for the society: Event banner, merchandise etc
First year Representative
Tudor Finaru view manifesto
Irina Gubaciova view manifesto
Alexandra Purcărea view manifesto
Imran Farooqui view manifesto
Advaith Sai view manifesto
Graphic Designer
No entry

Running for a position?

There will also be votes for any constitutional amendments required by EUSA, including the new position of Graphic Designer, can be found here

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