G-Research Event!

Published 05 Feb 2020

On the 4th of October, CompSoc hosted an exciting coding challenge in partnership with G-Research. Over 90 members participated in the two-hour competition that was focused on natural language processing.

The event kicked off with talks given by G-Research employees outlining what the company does and what it is like to work there. The participants were grouped into teams of four and were provided merchandise before the challenge began. Shortly after, the competition started, with every team eager to solve as many problems as possible.

The problems were diverse and had varying degrees of difficulty. From creating operations with Latin numerals to converting measurements, there was a challenge for everyone. The participants were encouraged to only use standard library functions, which meant that they had to build their NLP model from scratch – an additional challenge posed to the teams.

After two hours of hard work in problem-solving, the competition was over and the winners were awarded their prizes!

One of our committee members said “Despite it being my first coding challenge, I felt I really contributed to the team and solved a couple of problems myself! This sparked my interest in programming competitions as a whole and helped me improve important skills that I’ll carry forward in university and beyond.”

We would like to thank our sponsor, G-Research for the lovely merchandise and for helping us host the event!