EGM Oct 2023 - Call for manifestos

Published 11 Oct 2022

In the second half of our next STMU (), we will be holding our EGM where we vote for committee positions that are still available.

The positions available are: Secretary, 1st Year Representative, 4th Year Representative, Postgraduate & Old Person Representative.

See the following for descriptions of each position.


  • Secretary:
    • Responsible for the administration of the society
    • Publicising events by newsletters, social media etc
    • Writing minutes & preparing agendas for AGM, EGM, and weekly meetings

      “I spent around 5-6 hours per week, scattered across the week - not including time attending CompSoc events, which on average should add another 2 (but they’re great fun!) My main responsibilities are the admin work of a society: promoting society events, replying to emails and messages, keeping minutes, as well as keeping track of the committee overall. Some basic GitHub knowledge comes in handy, as we make pull requests on our website.”

      — Alexandra, previous previous Secretary
  • 1st year, 4th year, Postgraduate and Old Person representatives:
    • Responsible for communication between their years and the Society, and promotes events to their year.
    • Year reps are also responsible for any projects they take up throughout the year.

Want to run for a position?

Send your manifesto (PDF of max 200 words) to [email protected] by midnight on the 24th of October 2022, specifying your full name and the desired role in the title.

You should also prepare a speech. The length is 2 minutes for executive roles (Secretary) and 1 minute for the other roles. You may get asked questions afterwards.

CompSoc <3 You!