Internet Relay Chat

We have more than just a Facebook group–to keep in touch online, we use IRC and Discord. Both are bridged to each other, so feel free to join one rather than the other, or both!

We have multiple channels on ImaginaryNet (our IRC server), but our primary channel is #compsoc.

The full list of “channels” we may want to join include:

Joining IRC

Clients are needed to connect to an IRC server, but you do not need to create an account — these clients can be online (e.g, KiwiIRC, or IRCCloud) or installed on your computer (HexChat).

You can pop in right away using KiwiIRC, but if you already have an IRC client installed on your device, just click here to join the server.

The folks over at the TARDIS project also host a web client for you to use, called The Lounge (formerly Shout). You can login or register on this server here.

Be patient, with IRC you won’t see any messages prior to the time you connect. Since Discord is bridged, you’ll be able to see the chat history prior to your registration!

Server details particulars

If you already know your way around IRC, here are the connection details: