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Minutes of Meeting on 20/09/17 at 7:00pm

The first meeting during the 2017-18 academic year.


Qais Patankar, Elena Lapė, Ginte Petrulionyte, Harry Reeder, Viktorija Lukosiute, Joshua Green, Nicholas Lynch


We discussed potential locations and plans for our future events, and dates for PreHack and LocalHackDay.


Engaging more with the community by doing regular Tuesday socials, and ensuring that we make pubs part of the STMU format.

Possibility of doing day-after-pub-crawl hungover nachos. Collaboration with other societies for social events. Making sure events carefully align to coursework deadlines, including coursework specific events.

A big secret event is being planned.

We have a blog where we can post a log our newsletters, do postmortems of events, and can submit great photos (+ an email address to share these). We can also share hackathon achievements.

Year reps need more responsibility, and could host coursework nights in AT (compulsory for courses with over 80 of the year enrolled, otherwise at their discretion).

Outreach outside Informatics as being achieved via similar schools, and a family system is something we’ll be working on next semester for the following year.


We acknowledged that SIGs are a big part of CompSoc, and that they often need a guaranteed future. Inclusion into the constitution is planned, and a voting plan for SIGs needs to be included too.

JP Morgan is interested in running a Cyber Security event, something we can pass through SIGINT.

A networking SIG “SIGNet” was requested by Cameron Sharp:

Books: we have books, what do we do with them?


We have a bar sponsorship, and can issue their e-cards. We also have a planned field trip to Glasgow, with a potential visit to JP Morgan’s offices.

Hoodies are hopefully happening this time, with a potential for SIG logos to be included. Stickers are to also happen.