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Minutes of Meeting on 03/11/22 at 12:00am

Call to Order

This meeting took place at 17:05 on the 3rd of November, lead by president Ben McConville.


Following up on Last Meeting’s Minutes

Going over HackTheBurgh, Ben was supposed to have a meeting today but she didn’t turn up, hoping to hear back soon. October 25th STMU, expenses were £130 for food, £15 for soft drinks, Secretary handover has been complete. Prepare November 13th STMU Talk [name tbd.]. Normal person for STMU isn’t there but maybe find someone else who is already contracted with the university. Successful Halloween, get expenses. Pub quiz, should start next few weeks, can just go to Teviot afterwards as we’re not expecting many people to stick around. We’re looking to get Nerf guns for an event. Meeting with GResearch planned, get new CompSoc flags. Begin research some more hoodie designs.

Update on Sponsors

Meeting with Sainsbury’s banks, Google, GResearch and Blackrock. These are for hack the burgh, speaking to Lita from informatics over multiple ways to sponsor CompSoc, through Edinburgh Innovations. Running different hackathons and giving money to the winner to fund different projects, to work more closely with CompSoc, she is offering us the Bay Centre or Inf Forum, bringing Edinburgh Innovations to a CompSoc SIG. Maybe push the health tech society to be a SIG, but they are looking for us to help run a hackathon. Sponsorship money has been fulfilled, around the same amount as the previous President.

Banking Updates

Getting Alex to call Santander to update details, trying to get the process sped up.

Secret Santa

Use the website always used for Secret Santa to plan out gifts and gift giving.

EUSA Bookings

EUSA Bookings aren’t happy at us not using them for any events, as the main venue has always been available.

Upcoming Social Events

Event 1: CompSoc watching the fireworks show at Calton Hill on the 5th. Meeting at 7:30 at AT or 8:00 ontop of Calton Hill. Everyone will go to Teviot after.

Event 2: November STMU on the 30th. Give out the last of old CompSoc merch at STMU. Dylan and Accenture are doing talks at the STMU. Information unknown currently.
Event 3: CompSoc Christmas Market. Planning for CompSoc to meetup and travel around this year’s Christmas Market.

Potential Events


Ben adjourns the meeting at 17:54.
Minutes taken by: Maya Copeland