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Minutes of Meeting on 10/11/22 at 12:00am

Call to Order

This meeting took place at 17:00 on the 10th of November, lead by president Ben McConville.


Hack The Burgh Updates

Contact has been made, and planning has begun. Meetings will be setup and Lita will join later on. HTB Team has had their first meeting, and are looking into room bookings. Finance team is looking to reach out to sponsors for financing the event and prizes. Lita is possibly looking into getting into a partnership with HTB. Will be updated in future.

SIGINT Updates

Does SIGINT exist as a part of CompSoc or is it seen as an external Society, especially as there is a lot of recent feelings within SIGINT that CompSoc hasn’t been helping out a lot with things such as finances, and event support. More clarity is needed on what SIGINT can do within CompSoc. There are things such as advertisement that are feeling underwhelming, such as needing more help with advertising events, getting finances easier. There are feelings of "ignoring" and "not being taken care of" by SIGINT Ben whenever questions are put towards CompSoc.

Banking Updates

All documents have been sent off, and we’re waiting to hear back from Santander, the process has been long and annoying though. Hoping to have it in time to change how the handover works for future committees to be not run into the same issues. SIGINT are looking to possibly move to their own bank account.

Collaboration with Lita for future events

The entrepreneurship scheme within CompSoc will be a SIG. Lita will be a staff sponsor for whenever CompSoc needs to talk to the University. Will host a hackathon and then announce a EntrepreneurshipSIG election. It is supposed to inspire creativity and entrepreneurship as classes such as SDP aren’t working as they are easily forgotten.

Upcoming Social Events

Event 2: November STMU on the 30th. Give out the last of old CompSoc merch at STMU. Dylan and Accenture are doing talks at the STMU. Information has been given now
Event 3: CompSoc Christmas Market. Planning for CompSoc to meetup and travel around this year’s Christmas Market.

Potential Events


Ben McConville adjourns the meeting at 18:02.
Minutes taken by: Maya Copeland