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Minutes of Meeting on 17/11/22 at 12:00am

Call to Order

This meeting took place at 17:00 on the 17th of November, lead by President Ben McConville.


Banking update

All reimbursements have been made, access to the bank account has been done. Bank transfer is recommended for future reimbursements. Ben and Sophie are looking to speak to the morningside Santander.

Sponsorship update

Waiting to hear back from Sainsbury’s Bank, they’re willing to sponsor HTB. A meeting is being setup for sponsors contacted within the last week. Edinburgh innovations are looking for help with advertising on both ends, with us being able to use the innovations room.

Meeting with SIGINT

Updated SIGINT on the changes being made within. They’ve been informed that we have the bank account. Add a section in the form that will let CompSoc know which SIG is being paid in/out and how much. We’ve asked SIGINT to keep a note of how much has been paid in, just for simple tracking reasons. CompSoc are streamlining the handover process, SIGINT are hoping for less middleman-y things in the future. A wiki is being setup, but the transparency is needed to increasing, having a wiki to let future committees know what to do in the future, to improving handovers. SIGINT are requesting CompSoc’s help for a SIGINT conference next semester, especially as it is planned to be much bigger than the yearly PwnED event.

Upcoming Social Events

Event 1: November 30th STMU – changes needed\

Event 2: Promoting Royal Halloway CompSoc Events
Event 3: Movie night this week\

Event 4: Christmas market walk\

Potential Events


Ben adjourns the meeting at 18:20.
Minutes taken by: Maya Copeland