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Minutes of Meeting on 01/12/22 at 12:00am

Call to Order

This meeting took place at 17:00 on the 1st of February, lead by President Ben McConovile.



ShowCode offered £500 for us to create a page on their site. More information is needed and we are expected to get >= 100 members to register. Would be nice to help improve finances, but there is doubt over how to get members to register. It’s useful but possibly unnecessary. Could be used in workshops. HTB has replied to all sponsorship emails, need to add them to the GitHub team. Meta has contacted us today about invoicing.

Hack the Burgh

Contact between CompSoc and HTB has been less than stellar, with messages not being replied to in the committee chat and emails not being replied to, with sponsors being left to wait for considerable amounts of time. They’re looking for h a minimum of £5000

STMU Feedback

We ordered way too much pizza, not the biggest issue but the waste is bad. Add information on rough timescales of STMU attendance and timing. Get pricing for all the pizza, cups and drinks.

Upcoming Social Events

Event 1: January STMU on the 18th.

Event 2: Christmas Market Walk

Potential Events


Ben adjourns the meeting at 18:00 Minutes taken by: Maya Copeland