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Minutes of Meeting on 19/01/23 at 12:00am

Call to Order

This meeting took place at 17:00 on the 19th of January, lead by President Ben McConnoville.


CompSoc events

Bar50 has offered to sponsor events, giving members cheaper drinks, will require us to hold events in their pub, probably booking rooms and such. We need to get back to them and let them know of our interest. There’s a hackathon going on, which we’ve tried to get a place to do it for CompSoc members. We’ve been given the infball invitation and want to invite members of staff, a maximum amount of 10, with people such as Neil, Bjoern etc.

HTB Updates

HTB has started posting social media updates, having a lot of interactions by people from other universities. HTB has quotes from providers, they need help setting up things and Jacob has been helping, they need a step-by-step. Registration will be out Monday, they can hold about 200 people. Compsoc have been asked for funding, we’re waiting on Sophie to give help with funding. Sainsburys bank is sponsoring the event, giving £1500, theres a lot of sponsors showing interest. Barclays is also interested, giving £6500. They’re using Informatics Forum.


Since SIGINT is booking inf forum around the time we’d likely be hosting a STMU, we may need to go elsewhere for the event. We don’t have Optum for the STMU, we have a speaker from the University, the talk is "Web games: the fast-food of video gaming". We have a few sponsors wanting to give talks too, which should give us the STMU time for the year.

Upcoming Social Events

Event 1: STMU Event 2: Pub night

Potential Events


Ben McConnovile adjourns the meeting at 18:09. Minutes taken by: Maya Copeland