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Minutes of Meeting on 04/10/23 at 12:00am

Possible new SIGs

Fergus explained the process for new SIGs as well as the fact that there’s a lot of SIGs that get created but do not end up being successful for multiple years due to not hosting events or not having enough members. SIG 1 - QuantSIG - Can easily get the 10 members discussed, they would plan on doing quantitative analysis focused on the intersection on finances and computer science, they were sponsored by Optiver, they want to always have an ongoing event, run a hackathon and regular society events, they’d consider running talks or workshops, a lot of their members are in Year 4. It passed with greater than two-thirds majority, the de-facto leader is Alex. SIG 2 - AWSSIG - They wanted to start something similar to the google programming club. It’s in partnership with AWS with real training, they plan on running workshops and talks and many events. The name and being more aws-focused is a major point of contention amongst the committee. The vote passed with 2/3 majority on the condition that Amazon is ok with AWS, otherwise it’ll be reconsidered, the president is Juin.

Hack the Burgh

Harsh is running Hack the Burgh, we are letting them know that the committee is still needing picked, and if records were kept for running it this year. We’re unsure if it will be run beginning of 2024-April 2024, Harsh and Hackathons UK will be helping out. Hackathons UK will be happy to help out with knowledge due to working with many hackathons across the UK so Harsh will be in good hands.


In terms of sponsors, we only have one contract signed, but we are really looking for more as we only have 7,000 guaranteed. Fergus will try and get in contact with as many people as possible if there’s any contacts from peoples’ internships. EUSA has 2 funds that might come in handy for finances, £500 for smaller things and £5000 for things that would benefit the wider community. We could maybe talk to people at the career fair. Things to look at in the future is how SIGs get sponsorships, especially because of us creating more and more SIGs.