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Minutes of Meeting on 11/10/23 at 12:00am

Finances and SIG’s funcding

We got our first sponsorship money, £7,000 - The bank account now has £16,500 in total. £730 belongs to SIGINT, CompSoc might not be able to give infball the usual £7,000. We also are wanting events such as InfBall to be more sustainable. Due to miscommunication last year, a lot of sponsors are unhappy and don’t want to help us via sponsorships. Fergus has emailed multiple comanies such as Bloomberg. Money will be given eventually, hopefully, but due to issues last year we might struggle. We need to make sure to give back to these companies and not just take the money for granted. SIGs will now get at least £150.  


CompSoc isn’t happy about representation from SIGs, there’s been many ideas discussed, but we’re going to ask them to add our logos to posters. Announcements will be bridged. A lot of SIGs have dead general channels that are linked within CompSoc. Fergus wants to advertise on the student mailing list. We’re still trying to maintain as much transparency as possible, and are asking about information about moderation actions across SIGs in-case of problems.

STMU Planning

Announcement on Monday for first year reps. SIGs should come along and advertise themselves. We’re planning on doing a talk, EGM, then another talk. We have it from 5:30 to 8:30. We might want to announce some events at the beginning when we’re announcing the committee.  

Issues with ages in CompSoc

Having input from ex-committee members can be useful, but they can overstep their boundaries at times. People are getting annoyed about it, and think that the secret compsoc excommittee discord servers etc. can be annoying and too influential on ideas, and are wanting to rely less on ex-committee about it all, only really querying them for things like “what did the process for x used to be”.

Handling of moderation problems

There was a problem in the CompSoc book club – things were handled fairly quickly, but Ammir had some problems with the way moderation is handled within CompSoc. The person in question had requested that it be brought to the committee. He has chosen to seperate book club from compsoc entirely, and to give up things with CompSoc (namely EDI Rep) and thinks that CompSoc deals with some long-running problems, as a result Maya is now EDI Rep until there is either a replacement or otherwise.