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Minutes of Meeting on 18/10/23 at 12:00am

Written by Charlotte in place of Maya.

QuantSig/EUTIC conflict of interest

A note: if it seems like this section is long, it’s because this discussion was most of the meeting, going from 17:00 to 17:30

Elaboration of complaint/what happened before

Before: EUTIC contacted us to let us know they are not happy with QuantSig which they claim overlaps with their aims.

EUTIC people:

ETIC claim to have the same interests of QuantSig and have contacts at Optiver, have participated in quant events, etc.

From CompSoc, we didn’t know (and in particular, Fergus didn’t) know that EUTIC had a quant division.

From QuantSig specifically, they don’t claim to have minimal overlap since EUTIC is usually for 1st/2nd years.

EUTIC’s quant team has two aspects, beginner and more advanced groups.

To join advanced team, the EUTIC requirement was more of a personal statement as to what your abilities are, and if you’re skilled enough you can become part of said team (more to help develop their skills better; if they’re not experienced in programming, say, they would be suited for the beginner’s team).

QuantSig claim not to conflict with EUTIC’s interest because there are no tutoring and the SIG is open for anyone to join. Although QuantSig is going to enter the same competition, they aren’t that similar.

EUTIC weren’t aware of QuantSig so find it more important to clear up what each other’s roles/goals are.

Something to discuss the sort of channels of communications between the two groups. Such as, to go directly to QuantSig as opposed to going through CompSoc. QuantSig claim that the way that EUTIC are talking to them are rather hostile. The head of the advanced team was unresponsive, for example.

EUTIC claim that all of the issues come from miscommunication. They claim that QuantSig has banned Eren, and that QuantSig hasn’t exactly been the either (although more claims have been made from both, I’m going to refrain from including details because of potential hearsay).

EUTIC and QuantSig are willing to move past this.

What to do from now

EUTIC’s open quant group, the beginner’s team, is open-access, however, is designed for non-CS and even non-STEM people. They are also noting that QuantSig have the exact same format in their meeting as EUTIC has. They are happy to work together so long as these groups are less overlapping.

QuantSig are willing to do change the specifics of what they’re doing to make it different from EUTIC. However, they do wish to have semester 1’s activites be like how they are now (doing the Optiver challenge, even if this is very similar to EUTIC).

For this semester, the two groups cannot collaborate because of the rules of the challenge. QuantSig should point less finance experiences people to EUTIC and vice versa for people who are interested in CS (meaning, beyond the beginner group but not so much suited for the advanced group).

Fergus mentions that it’s helpful to have QuantSig because there are a lot of CS students who are in the CompSoc sphere and who don’t necessarily leave it to go to other societies; EUTIC can see promising people who are interested in finance who can support them better than we can.

A collaboration where QuantSig can be helped a lot by EUTIC is beneficial to both societies. Since EUTIC’s semester ends in November, it would be useful to work after this (end of academic semester 1). EUTIC is holding a beginner’s competition (workshop? thing?) for people to create a Python stock predictor where QuantSig can advertise to more CS oriented people.

From here, QuantSig (and Fergus) should attend EUTIC (committee) meetings and EUTIC (quant team leaders and the head of the society and whoever else relevant) can come to QuantSig meetings/CompSoc meetings should they be needed.

Formalisation of SIG money

CompSoc has SIGs which are well-sized enough to get their own sponsors and, in general, their own pot of money.

Money from Neil (and by extension school of inf) will go to CompSoc rather than any other SIG. This will then go to each SIG depending on what the school/what CompSoc would like to fund. It does not make sense for SIGs to meet with Neil anymore.

We will create a contract which says, in essence, that X amount of money goes to P SIG, Y goes to Q SIG, etc. This will promise the finances to whoever is paying.


UoE Experience Grant, ArcherySoc got the full 5k GBP, so this should be relatively simple.

HTB updates

Applications are in. Sponsors to be discussed (contacts at school of finance and elsewhere), so things are progressing well.


Student memberships

Are inf students part of the society or not? Will be talked about with Neil when Fergus meets with him soon.

Constitution does not mention needing EUSA membership.

For this STMU we will probably do as we did each other year: those who are not a EUSA member, sign up on the day.

Idea: once a year, for example around EGM, each SIG meets independently to have an accurate member count. SIG members should also be EUSA members.

We may or may not want to formalise members on Discord to allow them to recognise they’re a EUSA member.

Should promote becoming a EUSA member.