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Minutes of Meeting on 01/11/23 at 12:00am

STMU and EGM Results

The EGM was a success for the most part. There were some problems in regards to manifestos given, as a result, in future, we are going to make things more clear that opinions given in speeches or manifestos are not related to CompSoc as an entity due to people feeling slightly uncomfortable. In future, when introducing the committee we would like to be more open and introduce ourselves with names and pronouns, the committee decided to softly ask speakers to include ‘name and pronouns’ but not enforce it for them as it could make them feel uncomfortable.


The University wants to help CompSoc with sponsorships by reaching out to companies on our behalf. As a result of this, we will need to figure out a new way to market ourselves and what we can offer as a society and across the SIGs to make us more appealing to the university in order for them to be willing to reach ou tto various companies on our behalf. We are hoping to offer various ‘packages’ for companies to sponsor SIGs individually as well as offer sponsorships for CompSoc + SIGs or simply CompSoc individually. The committee is unsure of how to do this and the best way forward.

Minor SIG discussion

We are going to ask SIGs to bridge CompSoc’s announcement discord channel to their own individual discords to help increase STMU and event turnout. We also want to raise more awareness of what SIGs are and how they are run as within the EGM there was some confusion on what SIGs are so we would like to provide more clarification in order to make things more open for new members, especially those from other schools with CSE.


We are hoping to rewrite the constitution as a result of the aforementioned issues, especially in regards to having the University help us out with funding in order to codify finances that are to be given to SIGs as this will be something that could come up with future committees.