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Minutes of Meeting on 08/11/23 at 5:00pm


Some students from higher years feel it was difficult to join CompSoc in their first year. We are looking to do an event with Informatics Sport so as to include and welcome more of these students.

After a meeting with Charlotte, Pilgrim bar has agreed to partner with CompSoc. Pilgrim bar will offer us 20% discounts on non-promotional items (no discounts for specials, for example). To apply this discount, CompSoc attendees will need to have a special Pilgrim card. The committee will distribute these cards with details included in an announcement in the coming weeks. CompSoc social events at Pilgrim will probably run either Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays. To avoid conflicts with events organized by SIGs or other societies, the committee will consider organizing events in partnership with SIGs or Informatics Sport, especially for events that book the entire bar.

School workshops

CompSoc will email a network of schools inquiring for interest in computing workshops for high school students.

Workshops will likely run in the afternoon for ~2 hours and will include members from different SIGs. There are different workshop ideas for different age groups. For example: a microbit workshp for S1/S2 students, a coding workshop for S3/S4 students, introduction to Haskell to S5/S6 students. There might be scheduling challenges for workshops oriented towards older students due to exams. The committee will work with schools to ensure workshops are held at convenient times.

Workshops may also include mini-CTFs by SIGINT or game development workshops with GameDevSig. This needs to be discussed with SIG committees.

The current plan is to run pilot one-off workshops at schools. Later, CompSoc might organize recurring workshops if there is there interest for it.