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Minutes of Meeting on 17/01/24 at 5:00pm

In Attendance: Fergus White (President), Ali Abdelaal (Vice President), Maya Copeland (Secretary), Charlotte Ausel (Social Secretary), Yuto Takano (Graphic Designer), Vincentas Danys (1st Year Rep), Tomas Maillo (3rd Year Rep) Kryzstof Grykiel (4th Year Rep), Jinxual Cui (Old Person Rep) and Ol Rushton (Tardis)


Secretary may be voted upon in the EGM unless EUSA confirms it (edit: 18/01/24 - no longer open) and Treasurer. Maya is remaining EDI rep until February, and it will become a votable role. Liam O’Connor has not sent over a description for his talk yet, will need to be chased up. The pizza order will remain the same as the previous STMU.

CompSoc SIG Fair

Charlotte needs to send an announcement about it. SIG reps are to meet inside the Security Lab or AT5.04, discussions of posters and leaflets as well of the use of screens took place. SIG Presidents can recruit new members and/or their successor. People will make an announcement inside inf1b lecture. Gary from the Informatics Makerspace wants to showcase the going-ons inside the makerspace.

SIG Meetings

Rediscuss times - SIG Meeting 15:00 - 16:00 tends to be short and gap to committee meeting at 17:00 is large


Photographer invoice, can be reimbursed ASAP if necessary (say to Fergus) but otherwise submit form and wait

 Constitutional Rewrites

Fergus suggests: