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Minutes of Meeting on 24/01/24 at 5:00pm

CompSoc’s committee and its Discord server moderators discuss the future moderation of the server.

Minutes by Vincent and Chives. Vincent’s minutes:


Fergus (President), Ali (Vice-President), Krzystof (4th Year Rep), Yuto (Graphic Designer), Chives (Old Person Rep), Vincent (1st Year Rep), Ol (Tardis), Aurora (School Rep), Tomas (3rd Year Rep), Arin (2nd Year Rep), Maya (Secretary), Kit, Arch (HTB), Rokas, Paula, Aria


Each speaker has 30 seconds for opening statements. Fergus encourages everyone to propose solutions that will take into account the position of both parties.

Opening statements

Arch, from Hack the Borough, walks in

Sidenote: Fergus says we need an open meeting about constitution changes (with CompSoc members).

Yuto leaves the meeting

Main discussion

Note to readers: the conversation below is not an exact quote, but a close account

Moving forward, the term “legacy” will include all Discord staff/moderators who are not current elected committee members.

Charlotte arrives, Vincent and Krzystof leaves. The remaining minutes are written by Chives.


When should moderation permissions be removed from members?

10 minute break

Charlotte’s plan

People agree maybe 2 levels of moderators, e.g. one does tasks e.g. removing spams, another does more including server admin

Paula leaves

Members vote: concerns about manipulation if not much restrictions on who can vote (everyone in the Discord server can vote), maybe some verification e.g. requires matriculation of other forms of membership. Moderators can be of a higher level of trust as they need to be approved by moderators (committee/non-committee) also with the impeachment process, the system should be robust.