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Minutes of Meeting on 07/02/24 at 4:00pm

Minutes by Vincent


Fergus White (President) Caterina Mammola (Techmical Secretary) Charlotte Ausel (Social Secretary) Yuto Takano (Graphic Designer) Elisa Sophie Fraticelli (Treasurer) Vincentas Antanas Danys (First Year Representative) Arin Mukhopadhyay (Second Year Representative) Chua Man Shan (School Representative)


Neil gave CompSoc the university supplier for merch (jswhoodiewear). We plan to contact them to make CompSoc merch. Not only hoodies, but quarter-zips, jackets, t-shirts, etc.

There are considerations to make informatics-related designs (not just CompSoc branding), as an alternative design.

Also, we plan to re-release CompSocks!

Informatics Gin

Neil asked Fergus for a potential Informatics gin. Ideas:

Santander bank account transfer

Charlotte Ausel, Vincentas Antanas Danys support the changes requested in the bank account making Elisa Sopie Fraticelli and Fergus White account holders of the CompSoc bank account.