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Minutes of Meeting on 28/02/24 at 4:00pm

Present (9): Vincent (1st Year Rep), Tomas (3rd Year Rep), Ali (Vice President), Chives (Old Person Rep), Cat (Tech Sec), Elisa (Treasurer), Yuto (Graphic Designer), Aurora (School Rep), Arin (2nd Year Rep)


HTB applicants had to consent to the HTB privacy policy. Ali suggested creating a new privacy policy for HTB, Aurora suggested we use the University’s existing privacy policy. Something that should definitely be formalized for next year is a protocol/policy for handling peoples data by SIGs, so the process is standardized across CompSoc.

Even though HTB should be a beginner-friendly competition, we evaluated candidates this year. Most people in the room agree that we shouldn’t do first-come-first-serve (due to bots and quality of applicants), but we should focus on admitting more beginners. One way of doing this is making groups of applicants e.g., x number of expert hackers, y number of beginners.

Ideally, the voting pool should also be split and voted on by a diverse mix of organizers (this year, most applicants only received around 2-3 votes).

Maybe we should prioritize UoE students. Maybe we should make a quota for UoE students and non-uni students?

Another thing to consider is adding more people, but that means we need more money, which is why we will focus on getting more HTB sponsors for next year. Ali says maybe we can bump up to 300-400.

PwnEd 5

Currently in debt (budget is ~20k), because we don’t have as many sponsors as last year. We are cutting back on reimbursements for speakers.

The Nucleus building recently (a few weeks ago) started offering a grant (up to 500 pounds) for student-led events hosted at the King’s buildings. The deadline for this has already closed for events hosted at the end of Semester 2, but this grant can be useful for events next academic year.

Constitution Re-write

We should aim to finish the new constitution 2 weeks before the AGM, so the whole society can vote on it by then.

A new clause to be added: