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Minutes of Meeting on 21/03/24 at 5:00pm

Minutes by AI (Whisper and Claude). Tweaked by Vincent.

Meetings notes

Constitutional Amendments:

The committee conducted a thorough review of the proposed changes to the Compsoc constitution, discussing each section in turn:


Proposal: Add Clause - “All matriculated Informatics students are considered default Compsoc members unless they opt out.” Discussion:

Committee Oversight

Proposal: Add clause allowing executive officers to unilaterally issue warnings to underperforming committee members. Discussion:

Quorum and Voting


SIG Assets on Dissolution

Proposal: Add clause specifying SIG assets transfer to Compsoc if SIG dissolves, with allowance for exceptions by committee vote. Discussion:

Proposal: Remove Clause 1.5.6 prohibiting Compsoc incorporating as an independent legal entity. Discussion: Clause seen as redundant with existing requirements to operate under EUSA oversight.
Decision: Clause removed unanimously.

AGM and EGM Planning:

AGM scheduled for Wednesday, April 3, 6pm, Informatics Forum Room G.03.

STMU Talks:

Ali reports difficulty confirming speakers for AGM.