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Minutes of Meeting on 30/04/24 at 5:00pm


Meeting was called at 5:00pm by Vincent to discuss the position of the incoming VP of CompSoc. The discussion phase have been removed as agreed upon by the parties concerned. The meeting was concluded with a vote to trigger the impeachment process of the incoming VP.

Voting Process

Vote Result

With an 86% vote in favor, the motion to initiate impeachment proceedings against incoming VP passes.

Next steps will be to plan details of an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) where the CompSoc membership will make a final decision on incoming VP’s removal in accordance with the constitution. Both the incoming VP and other committee members will have a chance to prepare and present their case at that EGM.

Participants are reminded that this initial vote is not a final removal, but a decision to move forward with the impeachment process. The incoming VP will remain in post during the interim.

Meeting adjourned at 6:15 PM.