Manifestos for 2022 March AGM

Published 28 Mar 2022

On we'll have this year's Annual General Meeting, as well as our Student Tech Meetup. Here are the session details, and the election manifestos.

TechCube Zero, or Online (on Twich and YouTube). No tickets required!
18:00 - est. 20:30 BST
Free fancy Civerinos pizza
Dietmar Kuhl, Senior Engineer at Bloomberg - Quicker Sorting Quicksort is a well-known sorting algorithm used to implement sort functionality in many libraries, but a text-book implementation of the algorithm is actually not that quick.
Some small additions can improve the implementation significantly. This presentation starts with a simple implementation and makes incremental improvements to eventually yield a proper generic and fast sorting function.
All code will be in C++ but it should be possible to follow the majority of the reasoning with knowledge of another programming language.
CompSoc - Committee Elections and Votes on Constitutional Amendments We're holding an election to elect a new committee.
Candidates will give 1-minute speeches (2 minutes for President, Secretary, and Treasurer), and the audience may ask questions.
We'll also vote on some constitutional amendments. See below for details.

Election Details

If you want to vote in the EGM, you need to make sure you have CompSoc membership.

We also allow people to run on the night, if you did not have time to create manifestos.

Ben McConville view manifesto
Japjot Singh view manifesto
Matyas Zsoldos view manifesto
Krzysztof Grykiel view manifesto
Souparna Mandal view manifesto
Kshitij Sharma view manifesto
Anant Kumar Gupta view manifesto
Sophie Bata-Madden view manifesto
Graphic Designer
Margo Tsugorka view manifesto
Arjun Naha no manifesto has been submitted
greg (Jacob Walters) no manifesto has been submitted
Ashley Roberts no manifesto has been submitted
Amy Yin no manifesto has been submitted
2nd Year Rep
Charlotte Ausel no manifesto has been submitted
3rd Year Rep
Enes Aydogan view manifesto
Final Year Rep
Nobody has run for this position. You can still run on the night! no manifesto has been submitted
Postgraduate Rep
Nobody has run for this position. You could stand for election! no manifesto has been submitted
Old Person Rep
Dylan Thinnes view manifesto

We hope you think carefully about who you choose to elect tomorrow — please vote based on manifestos and speeches! Note that you may also vote for Ron (reopen nominations) for all positions. You also need EUSA CompSoc membership.

Election candidates - please remember that if you are running for President, VP, Secretary or Treasurer, your speech may be up to 2 minutes. Other roles have up to 1 minute. If you haven't gotten membership yet, do that now!

Constitutional Amendments

We also have the following constitutional amendments to vote on:

See you tomorrow,

CompSoc <3 You!