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February 2024 STMU

Ali Abdelaal | 22 Feb 2024

Hey everyone! Get ready for our fourth STMU (tech talks) of the year, happening Wednesday, 28th February at 18:00 at the Informatics Forum, G.07.

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EGM Jan 2024 - Results

Ali Abdelaal | 31 Jan 2024

Thank you to everyone who came to our EGM+STMU, hopefully you enjoyed it as much as we did! We’re proud to announce our the newest additions to the committee!

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January 2024 STMU/EGM

Vincentas Danys | 23 Jan 2024

Hey, everyone! First STMU of 2024 is here! On Wednesday, 31st of January at 18:00 to 21:00 we will have the election of two positions and two speakers. Venue: Informatics Forum G.07.

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Manifestos for January 2024 EGM

Vincentas Danys | 23 Jan 2024

Election Details

Our EGM is happening at ! After our first talk (and pizza), we'll have speeches and voting!

If you want to vote in the EGM, you need to make sure you have CompSoc membership.

We also allow people to run on the night, if you did not have time to create manifestos.

The views expressed on the following manifestos are the candidates' own and do not represent those of CompSoc. They are hosted here for the purposes of facilitating EUSA elections.

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October 2023 STMU/EGM

Charlotte Ausel | 18 Oct 2023

Hello everyone! Our first STMU of the year and our EGM are here! On Wednesday 25th October at 18:00 to 21:00 we will have the election of two positions and two speakers. As usual, this will be in the Informatics Forum G.07 (the big room on your left as you enter the building).

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