February 2024 STMU

Published 22 Feb 2024

Hey everyone! Get ready for our fourth STMU (tech talks) of the year, happening Wednesday, 28th February at 18:00 at the Informatics Forum, G.07.

This month, we have the privilege of hosting two remarkable speakers:

  • Heng from ProjectShare will take us through “The Lost Metropolis: Immortalizing Hong Kong’s Changing Landscapes in Virtual Reality.” Join us for a deep dive into how this interdisciplinary project is tackling the challenge of digitally preserving Hong Kong’s urban spaces threatened by redevelopment. Discover the art and science behind large-scale 3D reconstruction, from robotics development for autonomous 3D capture to employing advanced techniques like Gaussian splatting. Heng will share insights into the project’s journey, the hurdles overcome, and the latest in 3D reconstruction technology.
  • Dr. John Longley will present on “Are all programming languages equally powerful?” We all know that programming languages come in different ‘styles’: imperative, functional, object-oriented and so on. But do languages also differ in more fundamental ways? Are there things we can perform in some languages that would be simply impossible in others? Or possible but much less efficient? The answers to these questions depends on how exactly we interpret them. Dr. John Longley will try to give an accessible overview of my own research in this area, pointing out some non-trivial differences among existing languages, and more specifically introducing an upcoming new language feature known as ‘effect handlers’.

Enjoy some delicious pizza and drinks on us. We can’t wait to see you all there!

As always, CompSoc <3 You!