Manifestos for 2024 April AGM

Published 21 Mar 2024

Election Details

Our AGM is happening on April 3rd, at in G.03 of the Informatics Forum. Yes, this is a different room, G.07 wasn't available. It's at the back-right as you enter. You won't miss on the day!

If you want to vote in the AGM, you need to make sure you have CompSoc membership.

We also allow people to run on the night, if you did not have time to create manifestos.

The views expressed on the following manifestos are the candidates' own and do not represent those of CompSoc. They are hosted here for the purposes of facilitating EUSA elections.

Vincent Danys view manifesto
Akrit Ghimire view manifesto
Marton Nemeth view manifesto
Godfrey Antomarlin view manifesto
Joao-Pedro Bastos view manifesto
Adoniah Olojugba view manifesto
Elisa Fraticelli view manifesto
Graphic Designer
Lewis Simpson view manifesto
Zheng Wei (Chewy) Chew view manifesto
Caterina (Cat) Mammola view manifesto
Fergus White view manifesto
Anastasia Trainor view manifesto
Social Media Officer
Agam Cohen view manifesto
Tallulah Thompson view manifesto
2nd Year Rep
Lucas Bruckbauer view manifesto
Ritvik Gupta view manifesto
3rd Year Rep
Arindam Bag view manifesto
4th Year Rep
Tomas Maillo view manifesto
Old Person Rep
Krzysztof Grykiel view manifesto
Charlotte Ausel view manifesto

We hope you think carefully about who you choose to elect tonight — please vote based on manifestos and speeches! Note that you may also vote for RON (reopen nominations) for all positions. You also need EUSA CompSoc membership.

Election candidates - please remember that if you are running for President, Secretary or Treasurer, your speech may be up to 2 minutes. Other roles have up to 1 minute. If you haven't gotten membership yet, do that now!

Constitutional Amendments

We also have the constitutional amendment to vote on:

See you on Wednesday,

CompSoc <3 You!