October EGM + STMU

Published 05 Oct 2018

During this month’s stmu (6pm, 17th of October) we need to elect some new committee members! The roles up for election are:

  • Secretary
    • Responsible for general society administration and communications
    • Writes social media posts, email newsletters, blog posts
    • Writes agendas and minutes for committee meetings
    • Responsible for society merchandise
  • Technical Secretary
    • Handles technical setup for events
    • Helps with technical infrastructure ahead of events (i.e. HtB website)
    • Experience with server management and web development highly recommended
  • Social Secretary
    • Organises social events like pub nights or quizzes
    • Responsible for booking venues for events
    • Heads and organises the committee for the informatics ball
  • First & Fourth year rep
    • Represents students in their year
    • Shares CompSoc events with students in their year
    • Takes feedback from students to the CompSoc committee
    • You must be in fourth year to stand for fourth year rep

What you need to do to stand:

  • Send a short manifesto to [email protected] by Tuesday 16th of October 2018 explaining why you’re suited for the role
  • Prepare a short speech, 2 minutes for secretary, 1 minute for all other roles
  • Make sure you’re a member, you cannot stand for a position if you are not a member

What to do if you aren’t standing:

  • If you wish to vote in the EGM you must also be a member, you can join here