Manifestos for October EGM

Published 13 Oct 2018

On Wednesday the 17th of October we have our Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)! Mark yourself as going on Facebook so we know how many to expect and let us know if you have any special requirements! You can view the Manifestos here!

We would ordinarily just be electing a first year rep. and any positions that weren't filled in our March AGM, however due to some resignations we are also reelecting our Secretary, TechSec, and SocialSec. Once you've looked over our positions guidelines take a look at the manifestos of who's standing below!

Want to stand for something but haven't submitted a manifesto? Not to fear! You can send a manifesto to our Vice President up until 3pm on Wednesday the 16th of October and we'll post it here as soon as we get it! Just take a look over our election guidelines to decide if you want to stand! If you don't make the manifesto deadline, you can still stand on the night.

If you want to vote in the EGM or stand for a position you need to make sure that you're a member or you won't be able to do so.

Mo Javad, 2nd year view manifesto
Bora Mert Alper, 2nd year view manifesto
Technical Secretary
Patrick Kage, 2nd year view manifesto
Ege Elgun, 2nd year view manifesto
Samuel Macleod, 2nd year view manifesto
Social Secretary
Tony Duggan, 3rd year view manifesto
Azam Khan, 2nd year view manifesto
Raman Goyal, 2nd year view manifesto
First Year Rep.
Kyle Cotton view manifesto
Jack Watt view manifesto
Fourth Year Rep.
No manifestos here! Why don't you send one in and change that?

Make sure to take time to read these manifestos, but keep an open mind! Vote based on manifestos and speeches for who you think would be best for the job! As always, you are also able to vote for Ron - reopen nominations.

See you all on Wednesday, and remember, CompSoc <3 You!