Manifestos and Details for Oct EGM

Published 29 Oct 2021

On Friday (today) at 18:30 we have this year's first monthly Student Tech Meetup as well as our Emergency General Meeting to elect some new committee members! Here are the session details, and the election manifestos.

Online (on Twich and YouTube). No tickets required!
18:30 - est. 20:30 BST
Dylan Thinnes - Why We Learn Languages Our programming languages are Turing-complete, meaning they all can solve the same problems - so why do we bother to learn more than one?
In this talk, we'll go over how programming languages shape (for better or worse) the way we think about problems.
We'll go over languages you have heard of, some that are more obscure, and even some "joke" languages, and see what they all bring to the table.
CompSoc Commitee - Election We're holding an election to elect a new Vice President, 1st Year Representative, and 3rd Year Representative.
Candidates will give 1 minute speeches (2 minutes for VP), and the audience may be ask questions.
See below for details.

Election Details

If you want to vote in the EGM, you need to make sure you have CompSoc membership.

Vice President
Bence Szilagyi view manifesto
Enes Aydogan view manifesto
Matyas Zsoldos view manifesto
Oscar Shrimpton view manifesto
Pardis Farahi view manifesto
1st Year Representative
Arthur Pan view manifesto
Benjamin McConville view manifesto
Charlotte Ausel view manifesto
Eren Mendi view manifesto
Jack McPake view manifesto
Kshitij Sharma view manifesto
Selina Xu view manifesto
3rd Year Representative
Ashley Roberts view manifesto

We hope you think carefully about who you choose to elect — please vote based on manifestos and speeches! Note that you may also vote for Ron (reopen nominations) for all positions.

Election candidates - please remember that if you are running for VP, your speech may be up to 2 minutes. Other roles have up to 1 minute. If you haven't gotten membership yet, do that now.

See you then!

CompSoc <3 You!