November STMU — Security Talks with AND Digital and Wiktor Kaluza

Published 12 Nov 2021

This coming Friday () at 18:00 we have our November Student Tech Meetup! The topic is security, featuring James Rheard from AND Digital, and SIGINT Vice President Wiktor Kaluza.

Summerhall TC0 (TechCube Zero). Simulcast stream on YouTube. No tickets required!
18:00 - est. 20:00 GMT
Free Civerinos pizza
James Rheard (AND Digital) - Making Complex Software Resilient How can we make complex software resilient? This talk will cover the importance of testing, processes and communication. We will also run through some of the solutions we have on our large finical client, tips for getting buy in from stakeholders, and some of the common pitfalls when developing complex software.
Wiktor Kaluza - Introductory Malware An introductory talk about malicious software, threat actor operations, and preventative measures. Followed by a case study and reverse engineering of the Dridex banking trojan.

See you then!

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