Manifestos for January 2024 EGM

Published 23 Jan 2024

Election Details

Our EGM is happening at ! After our first talk (and pizza), we'll have speeches and voting!

If you want to vote in the EGM, you need to make sure you have CompSoc membership.

We also allow people to run on the night, if you did not have time to create manifestos.

The views expressed on the following manifestos are the candidates' own and do not represent those of CompSoc. They are hosted here for the purposes of facilitating EUSA elections.

Marton Nemeth view manifesto
Alexander Dewhurst view manifesto
Elisa Fraticelli view manifesto
Ryan Tsui view manifesto
Technical Secretary
Nobody has run for this position. You could stand for election!

We hope you think carefully about who you choose to elect — please vote based on manifestos and speeches! Note that you may also vote for RON (reopen nominations) for all positions. You also need EUSA CompSoc membership.

Election candidates - please remember the time limit for your speeches (1 minute for technical secretary, 3 minutes for treasurer). If you haven't gotten membership yet, do that now!

Constitutional Amendments

We also have the following constitutional amendment to vote on:

See you on the night,

CompSoc <3 You!