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ILW is over!

CompSoc Edinburgh | 25 Feb 2018

ILW is over. Welcome back to university.

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SIGINT wins the Scottish University Cyber Challenge again!

CompSoc Edinburgh | 30 Nov 2017

Well done to our team from SIGINT for winning the Scottish University Cyber Challenge again!

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Who's running for election?

CompSoc Edinburgh | 16 Oct 2017

Here’s who’s running for election at our October EGM. More information about the EGM can be found here.

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The October EGM

Elena Lape | 04 Oct 2017

Our first STMU (student tech meetup) is also an EGM (extraordinary general meeting), and it is in two weeks time: 18th October.

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September newsletter

CompSoc Edinburgh | 25 Sep 2017

An update of what we’ve been up to, and what we’ve got planned.

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