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March AGM Manifestos

Rokas Gudavicius | 18 Mar 2019

On Wednesday at 6pm we have our monthly Student Tech Meetup as well as our Annual General Meeting. Mark yourself as going on Facebook so we have enough food for you!

If you haven't submitted a manifesto and would still like to run for election, please read the elections page.

Kyle Cotton view manifesto
Maksymilian Mozolewski view manifesto
Jorge Perry view manifesto
Jack Watt view manifesto
Dee Yeum view manifesto
Lars Thalian Morstad view manifesto
Sadiq Baidani view manifesto
Raman Goyal view manifesto
Elspeth Smith view manifesto
Vivek Raja view manifesto
Patrick Kage view manifesto
Daniel Kirkman view manifesto
Lorenzo Baldini
2nd Year Rep
Martin Lewis view manifesto
3rd Year Rep
Rokas Gudavicius view manifesto
Final Year Rep
Nobody has run for this position. You could stand for election!
Postgraduate Rep
Nobody has run for this position. You could stand for election!
Old Person Rep
Nobody has run for this position. You could stand for election!

We hope you think carefully about who you choose to elect — please vote based on manifestos and speeches! Note that you may also vote for Ron (reopen nominations) for all positions.

Election candidates - please remember that if you are running for President, VP, Secretary or Treasurer, your speech may be up to 2 minutes. Other roles have up to 1 minute. If you haven't bought membership yet, do that now.

See you then!

CompSoc <3 You!

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March AGM

Rokas Gudavicius | 03 Mar 2019

During our last STMU of the year (6pm, 20th March) we will be holding our AGM, and this means we need a new committee!

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Local Hack Day 2018

Mo Javad | 01 Dec 2018

Local Hack Day 2018 On the first day of December, CompSoc hosted the annual Local Hack Day.

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EGM Results!

Elspeth Smith | 18 Oct 2018

At last night’s EGM we had to elect some new committee members!

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Manifestos for October EGM

Elspeth Smith | 13 Oct 2018

On Wednesday the 17th of October we have our Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)! Mark yourself as going on Facebook so we know how many to expect and let us know if you have any special requirements! You can view the Manifestos here!

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